‘Jesus is Perfect Theology’. These are my very imperfect thoughts on what that means.

About me: An obscure, occasionally eccentric character who had a powerful, life changing encounter with Jesus in 2006, and has spent the past ten years trying to make sense of his faith. Freelance musician and peripatetic tutor by trade. Blessed with a wonderful wife and children. Somehow currently juggling full time work/family life with studying for an MA in Integrative New Testament Theology at the London School of Theology, the latter of which is fuelled by a sense of calling to church planting, engaging/serving both church and academy, and overseas mission. Currently part of a new church plant in Cambridge called Cam Vineyard. Also feeling increasingly drawn to the Anglican Tradition & becoming more connected to our local CofE Church. My nascent Academic Profile is here. 

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All views here are my own and are unrelated to my professional work.